Mississippi State Preview Part 4

We are now almost a day away from the bowl we have been awaiting for 3 seasons. In the wake of this great achievement it’s good to look back at what the Wolverines accomplished this year. For the first time since the 2008 Capital One Bowl, we went week to week with a chance to beat any team in the nation. While the young defense did slow down this team, we still managed to be in almost all the games this year in one form or another. But the main reason to watch this team was not the possibility of wins but the offense. Say what you want about the 2 prior seasons but this year’s offense was insane, led by a sophomore(sophomore!) with a catchy name and a flair for the dramatic.  The Big House was the place to be this fall. We now face a similar situation to the one we faced at the time of that 2008 bowl: an uncertain coaching future with a talented team looking to prove itself facing a SEC team that is “Superior” to the Wolverines. Just remember tomorrow during our New Years Day bowl that regardless of the Coach, AD, Record or Bowl, we are Victors: HAIL!

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The Plan

It’s a slow day for us. Saw this the other day and kind of loved it


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NFL Wolverine of the Week

This week is a no brainer. Tom Brady is our NFL Wolverine of the Week. Not only did Tom have a Fantastic performance of 140 and 3 TDs, he set the NFL record for most pass attempts without an INT(319!). If all that wasn’t enough, Brady also led his Pats to the best record in the AFC Clinching a first round bye and home field throughout the playoffs. Also note with a crappy performance by Mike Vick on Tuesday night Brady may have also Clinched the NFL MVP; To Be Continued….

Honorable mentions:

Jay Feely

James Hall

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Recruiting News/Notes

First and foremost with the news of Anthony Zettel picking Penn State over the likes of Michigan and MSU some have mentioned that this could be because behind the scenes Rich Rod could be out. Look I could be wrong but I still think it would be very hard to fire Rich Rod if he is coming off a bowl win. I think Brandon may have an idea of what he is going to do but wants to see the performance before he makes a move. But look I trust Dave Brandon either way, the man fixed Dominos (Made it edible), he can fix Michigan Football (Dominos is way harder to fix).

I do believe that coaching uncertainty played a role in his decision. I know he picked Penn State and I highly doubt Joe Pa has 4 years left but consider, when Joe Pa does leave I expect the transition from him to whomever the new coach is to be seamless and not much in a change of philosophy. Unlike if Rich Rod goes, everything will be overhauled and most likely a new philosophy will be implemented.

Moving on from Zettel, it makes the recruitment of Darian Cooper, Ray Drew and the long shot Tim Jernigan even more important. It is very crucial to add another DL to this class; preferably a DT but I’ll take whatever I can get. I think we will know much better where Michigan stands with these recruits after the decision is made on the coaching staff. Wish I had something else but this Zettel news kind of dominated the newswire.

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Rough Ending to Opener

This is why I try not to predict anything.

Via AnnArbor.com

Purdue blows out Michigan basketball team in Big Ten opener, 80-57

Team chemistry can be a fickle thing, something gained over a season lost in an instant.

And in the first few minutes of the Michigan basketball team’s Big Ten opener against No. 12Purdue, Michigan was out of sync offensively. And it was easy to see why.

Michigan’s point guard Darius Morris was on the bench. What followed was an 80-57 loss to the Boilermakers that ended the Wolverines’ seven-game winning streak.

For Entire Article Click Here

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Mich Basketball Gets No Respect

Via Journal Gazette: Fort Wayne, IN

“And with a potentially easy start to the conference schedule – expected bottom feeders Michigan, Iowa and Penn State are three of the first four games – the Boilermakers still have time to make improvements before the tough slate hits.”

Many fans have found this as a surprise but in truth if Michigan Basketball wants to earn respect it’s going to have to get it in Big Ten play. As I said before, an opening win against Purdue would change expectations for this team. Not to depress anyone, however, but a lose would set up a very possible 1-4 stretch with games after Purdue consisting of Penn St, @Wis, Kansas, and OSU. As for a prediction in todays game I expect it to be very close. Michigan will be very fired-up, coupled with the fact they have already seen a talented big man (Kieth Benson) and will be ready to take on JaJuan Johnson. I’m not as impressed with Purdue so far as some of the “experts.” Yes they have been winning without Hummel but if they come in overlooking the Wolverines they could be in for a rude awakening. Prediction: Michigan 67 Purdue 66; game ends on Darius Morris Runner in the Lane

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Monday Afternoon QB 12/27

On this beautiful snow day in the northeast I don’t know about you but I’m still rejoicing the fact that Michigan was able to grab a kicker in this class. I’m not going to lie to you though, projecting the how well a kicker will translate from High School to College isn’t easy but if this coaching stuff didn’t try to solve one of the biggest issues on this team I would have been very disappointed. The fact is, it is highly unlikely the team will be able to turn the defense around in one year, but special teams if the correct steps are taken, can take a big jump. Improvements to the special teams (Kick-Offs, Punts, Scoring Points on FGs) coupled with our ability to run the football (i.e. control time of possession) would go a long way in masking the many issues on defense.

I usually save this for Wednesdays but wanted to talk about one point in recruiting. I think it has been mentioned but word seems Michigan is not completely out of it for Tim Jernigan. While I’m not overly optimistic, Michigan has caught a lucky break in playing in the Gator Bowl which isn’t far from Jernigan himself. It sounds like he’s going to visit during one of the open practices that are going to be held. Finding a way to land Jernigan would be the biggest coup since Rich Rod has taken over.

Lastly, Michigan Basketball returns Tuesday with a much anticipated Big Ten Opening against Purdue. If Michigan pulls off the upset the expectations for this team are going to go through the roof. Though I had one of the few optimistic outlooks for this team at the beginning of the year, we just need to remember they are still young. They have enough talent to beat anyone in the Big Ten but also the youth to lose to anyone as well. If anything has been proven so far, it’s that they definitely play up and down to the competition. For that fact I’m looking for a good showing vs. Purdue.

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