Mississippi State Preview Part 4

We are now almost a day away from the bowl we have been awaiting for 3 seasons. In the wake of this great achievement it’s good to look back at what the Wolverines accomplished this year. For the first time since the 2008 Capital One Bowl, we went week to week with a chance to beat any team in the nation. While the young defense did slow down this team, we still managed to be in almost all the games this year in one form or another. But the main reason to watch this team was not the possibility of wins but the offense. Say what you want about the 2 prior seasons but this year’s offense was insane, led by a sophomore(sophomore!) with a catchy name and a flair for the dramatic.  The Big House was the place to be this fall. We now face a similar situation to the one we faced at the time of that 2008 bowl: an uncertain coaching future with a talented team looking to prove itself facing a SEC team that is “Superior” to the Wolverines. Just remember tomorrow during our New Years Day bowl that regardless of the Coach, AD, Record or Bowl, we are Victors: HAIL!

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