NFL Wolverine of the Week

Great week for Wolverines in the NFL. We saw great performances by the fear inducing Lamar Woodley and continual dismantling of defenses by Tom Brady. But this week I have the rare opportunity of giving The NFL Wolverine of the week to…A Kicker! The Great Jay Feely had one of the best weeks a kicker has ever had. With the Cardinals down to their 400th string QB Jay decided that he was fed up losing and single-handedly outscored the Broncos with 23 points vs. their 13. Feely hit from 36, 48, 55(!!! Career best), 23, 49, a 5 yard TD run and 3 extra points. Not only did Feely win the game he also helped keep Arizona’s slim hopes of winning the NFC West alive.

Tom holding For Jay....

Honorable mentions:

Tom Brady

Lamar Woodley


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