Mississippi State Preview Part 1

Happy Thursday all. Today I will start a 4 part series breaking down Mississippi State and the key matchups for a Michigan victory. I will start off with an overview of the team since most Michigan fans haven’t watched tons of Bulldog football.


  • Mississippi State offense this year has been a consistent running threat(16th in the nation). Star running back Vick Ballard finished the year with 892 yards and 16(!!!) TDs add in another 643 yards and 4 TDs from QB Chris Relf and you have the recipe for a great run attack.
  • With the Rushing attack being the Strength of the Bulldogs the passing attack has left much to be desired(91st). A combination of  inconsistent play by Chris Relf(10 TDs 5 INTs) and the lack of a go to WR (only one WR over 350 yards on the season) has caused this passing attack to sputter.
  • The MSU Defense has been pretty stout this year. The defense ranks 27th in the lands in points against allowing only 20.3 points a game. But even with the points against being so low the Bulldogs did have rough outings against LSU(L29-7) Alabama(L 30-10) and Arkansas(L38-31) additionally lowly UAB and Houston both put up 24 points on the MSU Defense.

Keep a look out next Thursday for the Key Matchups in this game.

Go Blue!!!


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