Brief Recruiting Update 12/1

Sorry for the brief recruiting update, a lot of things going on right now. Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about Jack Tabb, TE out of New Jersey. The more I look into this kid and what he has to say I feel Michigan is in a very strong position to pick him up. Seems like many of the top recruiting experts agree. The last I heard he was hoping to make a decision before Christmas, so hopefully the Coaching situation being up in the air won’t affect him too much.

On that topic, I have to disagree with WTKA’s Sam Webb, in that it’s hard to say what this uncertainty will do to recruiting. Maybe the question is how bad it will hurt, not if. But I assure you it is going to hurt recruiting. No one wants to sign up for a team only to find out the leader/coach who convinced you to attend won’t be there. Now of course if Rich Rod ends up staying and Greg Robinson is let go, it would have an impact on the Defensive Recruits. But not near the impact a complete overhaul would have on the class.

Lastly, just wanted to remind you all that in our recruiting updates we try to address topics that are either going around online or whatever requests we get from you, our readers. So if you have something you would like us to research and address give us a word, you can reach us at

And of course we would like to again congratulate Denard Robinson as Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year.

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