Power Rankings Update

Saturday will mark the final day of Big Ten play (Illinois has finished their Conference play and has that random game the week after against Fresno State). The Big Ten Title is still very much in the air, which should make for a fun Saturday. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Power Rankings of Wolverineseast, minus woodsonbaby.

1.       Wisconsin

(The last two weeks the Badgers have certainly staked their claim as the best in the Big Ten.  The Historic beat down of the Hoosiers and then defeating the many demons they have in the Big House. I’m expecting a complete beat down of Northwestern giving the Badgers a trip to the Rose Bowl.)

2.        Ohio State

(I have to be honest; I’m very surprised that Iowa kept it close. I thought it was going to be a massacre. I expect the Fuckeyes to win this week but I wouldn’t be surprised if the game is closer than many people think. If you look at the entire season they really haven’t beaten anyone of note… I mean best wins against the U (Garbage) and the Paper Champion Iowa. Their most difficult contest they pretty much lost by the 2nd quarter… of course last time I questioned a top Big Ten Team it was the Badgers right before they killed Indiana, so what the hell do I know.)

3.       Michigan State

(Why couldn’t Michigan get their schedule? Anyway, I said it last week and I’ll say it again Upset Special, Penn State will take down Sparty on their Senior Day.)

4.       Iowa

(A season of what could have been, in their 3 Big Ten losses, they were outscored by a combined 8 points. They have a chance in end on a high note with the awful Gophers; I of course expect them to do so.)

5.       Penn State

(With a win against Michigan State this weekend, Penn State could turn a season that started in a horrible way, to a rather successful one all things considered.)

6.       Michigan

(With all the rumors flying around about Rich Rod (which we addressed in the Monday Morning QB) can’t be good for preparation for The Game. Look no matter on what side of the fence you are you have to understand Dave Brandon is a very smart guy. He’s not going to make a decision to fire the coach right before the biggest game of the year. Barring a 72-10 loss to O$U, I expect Rich Rod to be back… but someone will most likely have to be the sacrificial lamb, i.e. Greg Robinson.)

7.       Illinois

(They should be a good blue print for Michigan, look at the improvement after they decided to keep Zook and change the Defensive Coordinator. I know the week against Michigan didn’t look good but in the entirety of the season they have performed well. If Michigan next season are able to get a performance close to this with that schedule I expect no less than 10 wins.)

8.       Northwestern

(What a joke team. I’ve seen them play enough to know that their Defense is slow as S*&#. I just hope they don’t end up playing a speedy team in a bowl and embarrass the Big Ten.)

9.       Purdue

(How crushed they must be, they had Sparty on the run with a chance to get their 5th win, with Indiana ending their schedule and a chance to get bowl eligible.)

10.   Minnesota

(I got nothing)

11.   Indiana

(It is their last chance against Purdue this weekend to not go winless in Big Ten play.)

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