Fuckeye Preview “THE GAME”


  • The leader of the Suckeye offense is QB Terrelle Pryor one of the most over rated QB\RB in the country. As I predicted after a nice Rose Bowl everyone would assume the Heisman would be his…everyone was wrong with his 10 INTs he is an overrated passer with a dangerous ability run.
  • The Wolverines should be most worried about stopping the combined run power of TP(590 YRDs 4 TD) and Dan Herron(893 YRDs 14 TDs). These 2 combined run ability have given defenses fits all year(17th in the country(Worse than michigan))
  • The defense is led by All American SR DL Cameron Heyward but is solid all around averaging only 13.9 points a game, good enough for 5th in the land.

Key Match-ups:

The Michigan Offense Vs. The Suckeye Defense– This is the only real matchup. O$U will put up many points against our defense but the question is how will our offense respond? In my opinion I don’t care how good a defense these guys think they have, Drob and co will prove that they are overrated. A big strong but slow typical Big Ten defense is always going to have trouble with our Super Lace Spread. No one has been able to silence our offense all year no matter who we played or how many turnovers we had we still manage to stay in games and put up points which leads me to….

Michigan Turnovers- Eliminate the TO and not only stay in games with the good teams but put the pressure on them to score every drive. Imagine what might have been in the M$U game without the TO…We would have killed them. We need to make sure we avoid costly special team fumbles and QB INTs. This will be a key this Saturday.

Michigan’s Heart- Last but not least we really need to have heart here. The defense while young, still has a chance to respond and show the country what they are made out of. Drob still wants to show the world why he is the best QB in the country. And by god Roundtree you want the number 1 jersey prove you deserve it against the Fuckeyes. This team needs to take this game!!! WE ARE THE VICTORS NOW GO OUT AND GET A WIN!!!!

Final Thoughts:

Don’t Question my ideas or faith we will win this Saturday, but we will have to take it. This is the last chance before bowling that we can show the country that Michigan is back! Expect Drob to go off under the spotlight running like a man possessed and throwing with the touch of an angel. On defense we will again contain and commit to stopping the run forcing the overrated slouch TP to win with his arm. The Michigan offense will be too much for an overrated defense and TP will blow it with a late INT to seal it for Michigan.

Go Blue!!!

No Video Necessary This week everyone should be pumped up for “THE GAME” without a video.


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