Monday Morning QB 11/15

I hate to mail in this Monday Morning QB but there really isn’t much else to tell you that you don’t already know from watching the game. The conditions made each team one dimensional and made it easy to fumble the ball. The only thing I would like to address is a few people that either don’t understand football or didn’t watch the game that want to rip on Denard Robinson. I was working on something over the weekend on this but then looked on twitter to find that Tom VanHaaren (TomVH) summed it up in 3 tweets in response to the (sarcasm) genius Bill Plaschke  (btw you should be following both Wolverineseast and Tom VH on twitter).


What? RT@BillPlaschke Remember Denard Robinson? Purdue held him to 3.1 yards per carry, 176 yards passing, he’s been figured out

@BillPlaschke Robinson had 190/190 against Penn State, and 305 passing against Illinois. He’s a first year player, had a bad game.

@BillPlaschke Robinson is also around 140 yards rushing away from the NCAA all time record by a QB in his first year.


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