Hope Springs Eternal for the Bye Week

Another rough weekend for the Wolverines (May have been rougher for the fans). This one was hard to watch, the turnovers, the Tate sightings… the turnovers. This was yet another winnable game that we let slip away.

While we may not have gotten any breaks in the past couple of weeks, we will finally get a break in the form of the bye week. The Bye could not have come at a better time:

  • get healthy, check.
  • get the team focused (think taking care of the football), check.
  • get ready for 3 straight winnable games, check

These three points are the key to getting our team back on track. Let me repeat again, this is not last year and there is plenty of football left to play.

As a fan I think I need this bye week as much as the team. It has been a roller coaster this year and i need to get my head back in the game.

Go Blue!!!

(Image courtesy of Spawn of Mzone)


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Go Blue Nuff Said!!!!
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